Saturday, August 28, 2004

Scott Peterson/Amber Fry phone tapes (audio)

Ok, I do live very close to this whole mess, but I promise that I am not a fanatic about following this trial. Actually I didn't follow it all until I found this link where you could read or listen to the actual phone conversations that Amber secretly taped. I was mesmerized by them as was Mrs. Ugly Naked Guy.

The thing that is most chilling to me is the many lies he tells and the statements he makes about how he "used to be a jerk" or how a year ago he was such "a turd." Lots of it is boring, but I couldn't stop listening because it was amazing to hear the killer talk after what we all know happened. (That said, I don't think they have enough to convict him--I couldn't vote guilty at this point.) | The Modesto Bee


Anonymous said...

not enough to convict??? If I was sitting on the jury I would vote guilty!!!!

Ugly Naked Guy said...


Well, I certainly hope you are right. I said that I hadn't been following the trial all that closely, so maybe you have seen some things that missed. Did you check out any of the transcripts or tapes? I love that part where Scot names a guy from college who had a huge influence in his life. He actually says something like, "I used to be a jerk and he made me the person I am today." How would you like to be that guy who gets "credit" for being such an influence on Scot's life?

Anyway, I sure hope the prosecution has something big coming up, because they are not going to find him guilty (sadly). The worst sentence he may receive at this rate is to join OJ on the golf course every day.

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