Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Fired for a Bumper Sticker? Why Not?

Surely most people will insist that the boss who fired his employee for having a Kerry bumper sticker should be hit with a big lawsuit, but not me.

Oh yeah, the way our laws stand now, he is in big-time trouble. The Kerry-hating boss' bellow, "I own this place!" doesn't mean a thing in a country where the government decides who we can and can't fire.

But where does my right of ownership disappear and the laws controlling who I choose to associate with take over? I may invite (or un-invite) whoever I choose into the home that I own, but I don't have the same power in my business?

I can let anyone I please borrow my car and then change my mind on a whim simply because it is my car--not nice, but not illegal. Why can I do what I like with my other stuff, but not the business?

Now, giving somebody the ol' heave-ho because you don't like their bumper sticker kinda stinks, but when liberty collides with manners, I think liberty should win. I should be able to fire someone for whatever frivolous reason I want if I own the business. I mean, what part of "OWNER" do we not understand in America?

When you disagree with this (as Mrs. Ugly Naked Guy does) ask yourself this question: Why is it that people say "you can't legislate morality," but they still want to tell people who to hire and who not to hire?

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jon "stone" said...

Go back to your previous post.
The answer is right there. Sad but true.