Thursday, May 17, 2007


When are we going to have our rally?

Maybe if legal residents of this country take to the streets in protest, our representatives (huh?) will get the message. I am surely not the only one who is disgusted that we are going to have yet another round of amnesty.

Sorry Mr. Bush, but I vote for animosity.

Every time we give years worth of illegals a new get-out-of-jail-free card, we are ensuring we will be pressured to do it again in ten more years. Do our laws mean nothing?

And every time we give millions who already cheated a pass, we are giving it to every relative not yet here too.

It's kind of like a buy one get ten free sale.

Even the tough-sounding aspects of this provision won't be enforced--how can they when there isn't a law enforcement agency around who is even allowed to ask people for proof of citizenship!

I've had enough! Canadians go home!


Laura said...

I really loathed that line of the President's about "without amnesty but without animosity." Ugh. I have a feeling this bill could have unintended consequences and cause considerable backlash against illegal estimate is this will cost trillions in social security retirement, etc.

I LOL re Canadians, go home!

jon said...

We'd have plenty of room for them if everyone who promised they'd immigrate to Canada after the last election kept their promise.

Ugly Naked Guy said...


And to think that a couple of weeks ago the illegals were rallying because they didn't like this bill! It is never enough for them. And you know that we are never going to collect 5000 bucks from anyone.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Yeah, last time I heard, Alec Baldwin was still abusing his daughter in the good ol' US of A!

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

I tuned Bush out a long time ago. he's talking out of both sides of him mouth. On one hand he talks about the war on terror and what we need to do to prevent it and then he's resistant to securing the borders? Is he mad?

I voted for the man twice. I'll be glad when he leaves.

I've donated to the GOP for several years but I won't be doing that anytime soon. I still have their telemarketers calling my house asking for my financial support.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Thankfully I have never wasted a cent on any candidate or party. I too am very, very disappointed about Bush. I have to think that the alternative would still have been worse though.