Friday, May 04, 2007

Not Inappropriate??????

Somebody is out of their mind and I don't think it is me.

Has our society become so base that the once intolerable has not only become tolerable, but no one even understands why anyone would object?

I gave my eighth-graders an assignment where they were to find a poem and read it in front of the class. The first instance of cluelessness occurred when I was explaining the task and a student asked:

"Can we choose a poem that is inappropriate?"

Just ponder that question for a moment.

This would be one reason why I never tell people that there is no such thing as a dumb question.

I think my response was something like, "Exactly which part of inappropriate do you not understand?"

That was a few days ago. Today was the day when the reading would be done. Get a load of the poem that I pulled the plug on (and my advanced class didn't understand why):

My First Time

The sky was dark,
The moon was high,
All alone, just her and I.

Her hair so soft,
Her eyes so blue,
I knew just what she wanted to do.

Her skin so soft,
Her legs so fine,
I ran my fingers down her spine.

I didn’t know how,
But I tried my best,
I placed my hands on her soft sweet breast.

I remember my fear,
My fast beating heart,
But slowly she spread her legs apart.

And when I did it,
I felt no shame,
All at once the white stuff came.

At last I finished,
It’s all over now,
my first time to milk a cow!

When I shut it down, all of my students were laughing and telling me, "It's about a cow, it's about a cow; it's not what you think!"

How is it that they didn't understand that it doesn't matter what it ends up being about? And don't they know that cows don't have blue eyes?

But wait, the most disturbing thing is that I later found out the math teacher loved it and read it to his own class of 13-year-olds!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are the only sane person left on earth?


Pri said...

I do feel that at times. But my advice to you would be- Get the hell out of that school!!

The Raw & The Cooked said...

Ahh a poem that has a different meaning. Pretty crafty of him to think of tossing a cow into it but yes I think it is inappropriate. The kid is pretty talented. Imagine what he could have written if it was appropriate.

The sad thing is that this type of behavior is considered "acceptable". If you turn on in major media company and sex is blasted to anyone who turns into their frequency.

Congratulations for taking a stand on this issue.

Speedwell said...

Oh, Raw-n-Cooked, that poem has been around since before the student was born. My mom said she heard it, or something like it, in college before I was born, and I'm more than old enough to be your student's mother myself. It's a cute and snarky way to get the goat of the teacher and the laughs of the rest of the class, that's all. It worked, too.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Hey Speey, thanks for dropping by. I looked back at my post to make sure I said that they had to read a poem and that I didn't leave the idea that they wrote it. There was more than one type of poem like that too. My wife commented that it was kind of like a reverse limerick. In a limerick it starts out clean and ends up dirty, while this one started out dirty and ended up clean.