Monday, May 21, 2007

Talking out of both sides of their mouth

The illegal immigration mongers can't even get their stories straight.

According to a Modesto Bee article last month, there will be tremendous shortages in farm workers this summer because immigrants have recently found better-paying jobs in construction. The article says that sixty percent of the one million jobs in the housing market went to immigrants.

Today, in the same California newspaper, farmers say the shortages are due to the fact that Congress hasn't passed a new immigration bill yet.

So which one is it guys?

When Bush pondered an amnesty bill in 2004, some experts estimated that illegal immigration increased twenty-five percent. That makes sense.

But it doesn't make sense for them to wait until the bill is passed; wouldn't they want to get here before the bill goes through since it only benefits those who are here at that point? Duh.

I am sure that right now people are pouring across the border since this goofy "Z" immigration thingy will only help people who came across before January 1st.

What the heck? Are they somehow time stamped when they come across? Otherwise, how do we know who was here before January 1st and who came yesterday?. (I know, the bill says they have to "prove" they were here by then, big whoop.)

All this is pretty interesting, but perhaps the most telling development is that we have so many illegals now that they are taking over the construction business too.

Now not only is farmwork something that Americans won't do, Mexicans won't do it either!


jon said...

First I want to comment on your Nolan post. It was wonderful. I am mentoring some one who I think I'm very lucky to have in my life. I have to keep remembering to be patient with him and when I do, I never fail to see what a unique and special young man he is. How much brighter he is than even he knows. It's exciting to talk with him, challenge him and have the challenge met. I am grateful.

I also wanted to let you know, because I thought of you immediately, that his school is forcing the kids to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" for Government Studies. I asked, "Is being forced to watch An Inconvenient Truth on the Government Studies syllabus? And "Are they going to present opposing views? Will you have the opportunity to petition the President and ask him to take a stand and deal with science only?"

So I am going to the school probably tomorrow to have this discussion with SOME ONE.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Jon, I am so glad that you are going to talk to the school about that movie. I hope you cause a big ruckus. I know how much you and I share our contempt for the global warming nonsense. Please let me know how this turns out.

A couple of times I have mentioned my disbelief in human-generated global warming in my class. I have been surprised that I haven't had more opposition, but 8th graders seem to be open to the idea that they have been lied to. Teachers, on the other hand, think I am cerifiable.

Please let me know how this turns out. When I was student teaching, I saw a social studies class that was showing that HBO (?) show on Reagan that was so controversial.

So far I have found out that there is less indoctrination going on in my school then I would have expected. It is here, but a surprising number of teachers are very level-headed and professional.