Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ding Dong the Bill is Dead!

Now it's time to craft a real immigration solution.

Apparently the little people got to be bit too annoying. They became so annoying that men, hardened by privilege and their distance from reality, couldn't ignore the cries of the masses and even their minuscule consciences pricked at their evil little hearts.

Either that or they were worried about re-election.

Anyway, now that we have their attention, I have a few ideas of where an immigration policy really needs to go.

1. Remember the fence that millions were allocated to construct? Build the darn thing!

2. Stop sending illegals who commit crimes to jail. Send them home with a tracking device on/in them so we know when they come back. Also, demand that their home country reimburse us for any expenses their illegality caused.

3. Stop issuing visas to anyone from any country as long as there is someone in that country who hasn't "checked out" yet. For example: "You want a visa to visit America, Mr. Smith? Well, as soon as Mr. Jones gets out, then it will be your turn."

4. Stop issuing ANY visas to people from countries known to export terrorism. So sorry, but the bad guys have ruined it for all of you. We don't need any more students celebrating the next 9/11 from the comfy confines of our university libraries. Flight school would also be out of the question.

5. We should see people who have overstayed their visas on America's Most Wanted. Since Senator Kennedy can't think of a way to export them, we could put ordinary citizens on the case. The ship/train leaves once a week for their homeland.

I'm going to stop right there. There are many sensible and obvious things we could do if we really wanted to put a dent in the problem, but I am just focusing on the visa-flouters and the criminals. It is a start.


Opal: Vegan Momma said...

I think they’re worried about reelection, maybe I’m being cynical?

My father and I often talk about politics Bush has been preaching about the war on terror for how many years now? Yet, he has been resistant to secured borders and he’s been actively pushing for illegals. He lost his credibility with me a long time ago.

He’s alienated a few within his base, including myself, because of his tactics. I’ll be glad when he’s out of office. I’m hoping whoever wins the election doesn’t continue the same path.

Ugly Naked Guy said...