Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do it the free weigh!

It always cracks me up when people spend money to lose weight; I mean, to not do something (in this case eat), should cost less, not more.

That's why I can really appreciate a service like myfitnesspal.com that offers all kinds of neat tools to help people shed pounds without dropping dollars.

The backbone of this powerful tool is the easy-to-use diet journal that doubles as a calorie counter. If you can better keep track of what you eat, you are well on your way to making positive strides in your weight-loss journey.

Not only does myfitnesspal.com have great way to track your intake, but it can also tell you how many calories your activities are burning--it's kind of like making entries in a checkbook, except in this case you want a negative balance!

Another positive thing about the site is that it isn't another diet fad. No matter which diet you are on, myfitnesspal.com is your friend.

If there are dieters in your household, this would be a site to add to your favorites. It provides a supportive community, a database of over 6,000 food items, and a personalized diet profile.

But to me, the best part is that it is totally free!

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