Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You’ve got mailboxes!

Growing up in Southern California where city abuts city and you have to drive for hours to find anything considered “country”, one doesn’t think very much about mailboxes. In fact, a mailbox wasn’t a place where you found your cards and letters, but a place where you put them.

Moving to a more countrified part of the state exposed me to a whole new appreciation of mailboxes, and though I still don’t have one of my own (newer housing development, less-work-for-the-mailman, central, numbered pods), this city kid does pay attention to how the other half lives.

And true to my the-glass-is-half-empty attitude, I have noticed the problems with country living; among them, it seems that someone always wants to mess with your mailbox! Whether its hooligans with a speeding car and a baseball bat or identity thieves fishing for your personal information, you can’t be too careful these days.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to thwart mailbox-thugs if you know where to look. I found out about Mailboxixchange and its impressive array of mailboxes for any need. I do aspire to a mailbox to call my own, and this website is certainly the first place I will look. If I need an indestructible anti-baseball bat model, they’ve got it. If I want one with the security of a Brinks truck, they’ve got that. If I need a commercial mailbox, they’ve got that too!

I guess I could get a box for purely cosmetic reasons too—you know, just for show. If I ever get my act together and really do my front yard up right, a fancy mailbox would be just the thing to put the finishing touches on it. Whatever theme I choose, it seems clear that the Mailboxixchange will have what I need.

With hundreds of mailboxes to choose from, even if you live in a city where honest-to-goodness residential mailboxes are scarce, Mailboxischange can quickly take you to mailbox heaven.

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