Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back from the Big Trees

Well, we survived camping, meaning we all came back alive.

Actually the camping part was very nice; it was the complaining teenagers and the energy-that-they-should-bottle 6-year-old that made it a bit taxing at times.

The picture you see is of a big tree. I have many pictures of big trees. The name of the campground is Calaveras Big Trees State Park. When I get settled around here, i.e. finish getting the dirt out of everything, I will post more and tell more.


jon said...

Awesome! what fantastic perspective! I look forward to hearing and seeing more of the trip!

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Thanks, Jon. I had to lie on my back in the dirt to do that.

Opal Tribble said...

I love trees and you captured this one nicely.
I did the lying in the dirt thing before, lol. I've also stood on my car's roof. :-)

Debo Hobo said...

Great photo, is that a redwood?

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Yes, that is a redwood. Thanks for visiting!