Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feeling Sentimental

Is it possible to ever have friends as dear as those with whom you grew up or went to school?

Every time I go down to Southern California, I return in a melancholy mood that I attribute to a feeling of loss. I miss the places where I grew up and bemoan the changes that have taken place in the 13 years I have been gone, but mostly I think I miss the people.

Maybe it is different for others, but for me, I am certain that I will not have friends like those I left behind. Even though I have met a number of wonderful people here in Northern California, I don't think you can ever feel that bond like you do if you didn't go to junior high with someone.

If I would have known that it would be this difficult, I never would have left.


jon said...

Interesting. I haven't one true connection from elementary school. My golden years for the greatest connections of my life were those 2 years after college. Hard fast friends, thick and thin. Very close.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

AFTER college, huh? You must have worked very closely with them and no one was likely married. Some of the friends I miss are also those from after college, many of them in fact. I think the reason I haven't added friends like that in my years away is because marriage, work, kids--life--all take time away from the time when you could just hang out with people.

Dave [The Charger] said...

I know that feeling too. Friends from the old days are just very different, i miss them :) half of them are practically scattered accross the world.