Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hilarious Message Mix-up

I was doing some cleaning today when I came across a piece of paper that reminded me of a great story that occurred this past Christmas.

In keeping with my habit of not asking for anything substantial for Christmas--after all, I am paying for it anyway--I gave my wife a wish list that included Big Tex Hot 'N Spicy Jelly Beans.

These are the ultimate jelly bean. They are about the size of a unshelled peanut, and boy are they H-O-T. They are like Hot Tamales on steroids.


Anyway, I got a five-pound bag of them for Christmas and I opened the box as we sat around the tree that glorious morning. My wife had the option of including a note much like you would do if you sent flowers to someone, so she did:

"Mother, I hope these bring back many fond memories! Love, Joy"

Obviously this is not the note I was supposed to get with my red hot jelly beans. I thought it was funny that I got a note not addressed to me, but my wife REALLY thought it was funny for some reason.

When she finally recovered, she told me what Joy's mother probably got on her Christmas greeting:

"Merry Christmas, to one hot tamale."


Opal: Vegan Momma said...

LOL, that is hilarious!
I loved those jelly beans. They seemed to burn the roof of your mouth, lol. I love hot foods.

Laura said...

Great story! :)

I love Hot Tamales and hot & spicy food, I'm going to have to try some of those jelly beans!


Ugly Naked Guy said...

Laura, you HAVE to get some of these. They really are hot and good.

Laura said...

How did you first come across them? I'd never heard of them before.


Ugly Naked Guy said...


I had a student who was visiting relatives out of state and came back with this candy that he was daring people to eat because it was so hot. He dared me, I ate it, I loved it, and I asked him what they were called. I then looked them up on the internet.