Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mother May I?

Since it took nearly a year for a man to get a hip replacement, the very liberal Surpreme Court of Canada allowed a man to pay for his own health care.

Whoa. Let's stop right there. They ALLOWED him to pay for his own health care?!

How can anybody read those words and not shudder? Think about substituting some other words in place of health care:

*They allowed him to pick which shirt he would wear on Sundays.

*They allowed him to put sliced bananas on his Post Toasties.

*They allowed him to mow his lawn.

Allow me to recommend this blog where you can (as long as the government allows it) read the truth about universal health care.


Laura said...

Not too long ago I read about a Canadian man who developed mesothelioma (caused by asbestos). He was basically told to go home and he'd die in 4 months.

He came to CA, which has the most ground-breaking treatment, and is still alive 18 months later. Prognosis still unknown, but at least he had hope here in the states.

What's scary is the system you described is exactly what Hillary Clinton wanted (wants), where you would be breaking the law for going outside the system.



Ugly Naked Guy said...

My wife and I have already discussed what we would do if they try to MAKE us take health insurance (we currently have something called Christian Medi-share which is technically not insurance) like they do in Mass. I would go to jail. I don't know if she is just that serious about standing her ground, or she just wants to get rid of me.:)

Thanks, Laura, for sharing that info. Anybody that wants to look at the facts can find plenty of stories about the ineffectiveness of the Canadian system--like, ask Canadians!

Anonymous said...

Hey UNG...

Having just spent the majority of the summer up in Canada, I'll chime in here...

Although I do not know that much about their health care system, as a single mom who has gone from one extreme to the other(having full coverage, to none), having a national health care system is something I wish we had here.

I can not tell you how terrifying it is, to not have insurance. I have worked full time(and more than one job) for many years, and still have zero, or very little, insurance. And I make too much to qualify for assistance!! Howz that for incentive? IF you become ill, or are in some sort of an accident, you could lose your home, bankrupcy, etc etc....

The people I know in Canada pay very high taxes, but their medical costs are basically covered(except dental and vision and other specialities such as plastic surgery, etc)....

So in my humble opinion, having ZERO insurance, to having some insurance, is not even a question.

I do know here in the US, many people have to choose between health care and paying the bills, or paying for medication and living day to day. Tough choices.