Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mrs. UGN's Brilliant Observation

What percentage of Islam wants to see us annihalated? One percent? Ten Percent? More? Less?

I heard some expert on the radio the other day saying that her conservative estimate is that twenty-five percent of the Muslim world is of the radical kind.

As we debate how to handle terrorism in these days of political correctness, I want to propose that it doesn't matter how small the number of bad guys is, we just need to stop them before they get us.

My brilliant wife, Mrs. Ugly Naked Guy, observed that if it was a very tiny minority of Muslims, then we have to work all the harder, with even more scrutiny to thwart them. Using the needle-in-the-haystack example, Mrs. UGN said that when what you are looking for is really rare, you have to expend exceptionable effort to make sure you are successful.

She said that you would have to sit on that haystack until you find what you are looking for.

We sensitive Americans are taking the opposite approach: we ignore the haystack and even pretend that it would be foolish to look in the haystack.

Even if we happen to get stuck with the needle, we still manage to quickly go back to ignoring that there is something worth looking for in the haystack!


Incognito said...

The problem is: that 25% is growing steadily.
It's already a major problem in Europe, let's hope we can stop it from becoming that way here.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Unfortunately, I really think that we will need a few major attacks before people wake up. We are more concerned about offending people (profiling) than taking care of our families.