Friday, September 10, 2004 Students get an F, but teachers get an A?

Before I started teaching I would have been outraged at what some schools were doing in their self-evaluation reports to the government. Not now.

What non-teachers fail to understand about these test scores is that a large number of students couldn't care less about the results. They breeze through these tests, ignoring all advice on good test-taking procedures. Most do not ever go back over and check their answers no matter how early they finish and how often the teacher suggests they do so.

Teachers and administrators try every angle to prepare them and convince them that there really is a reason to do well, but they seldom believe it.

And if you are a student or parent reading this now who knows for a fact that you or your child does care, take a look at what you are doing right now--your engaged in an academic-like pursuit!

The vast majority of people in this country would never look twice a story about the state of our schools; they don't read, they don't think, and it is their kids who are making the few and the proud look so bad!


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