Saturday, September 11, 2004

Words you Love to Hear

I was thinking today of words that are especially wonderful to hear and I can't think of anything much better than the ubiquitous, "Have a great Weekend!"

Unlike the equally automatic, "How are you's?" or "Nice to meet you's," this pleasantry matters so much more because even though it may be insincere, it doesn't matter because you indeed HAVE THE WEEKEND OFF--Woo hoo!

What do you think, anybody out there have any particularly favorite "Words you Love to Hear?"


jody said...

2 hours, yes that's it... the plumber was here 2 hours and charged me $627.59. I'm still in shock!!!!! when i have more time (tommorrow sometime) i'll email you back. Pick my brain anytime!!

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Some Random Malaysian Medical Student said...

My favourite words i'd love to hear?


hahah. nice blog, btw, n i mean it :)