Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Reason to Pass IQ Test Before Voting

A lot of folks are saying in public what political correctness once banished to backyard barbecue gripe sessions among friends: stupid people should not be allowed to vote.

Really, I feel no shame in saying this given some of the amazing reasons people have for supporting their candidate. I just saw an "Entertainment Tonight" poll that said 46 percent of people would take the advice of their idols in the entertainment world to help them decide who to choose for president. Yikes!

And speaking of entertainment, it also seems that many people take their voting cues from the film "Fahrenheit 911" based on how adept they are at parroting some of the movie's claims. One such person, a blogger who goes by Bitchfire, even provided a link for lurkers on her site to do the responsible thing and "verify" the claims made by Michael Moore.

Boy was I eager to see these "facts" and all that "verification" I clicked. No sooner could you say "fair and balanced" and I was taken directly to the...Michael Moore web page?!

That's right, in order to verify that Michael Moore is not lying to me, this blogger sent me directly to the source. Do you think maybe we should just ask Scot Peterson if he killed his wife and save some time? Did anybody just ask O.J. if he committed double murder? He never took the stand did he?

We could cut out a lot of wrangling about what is true and what isn't if we just do the sensible thing and take peoples' word at face value. Now I don't even have to watch "Fahrenheit 911" with this cool web site telling me all I need to know!

All I have to do now is figure out who to believe if "FahrenHYPE 911" turns out to have a fact verification web page. Maybe I'm wrong. Everybody should vote, MTV says so, right?


jon "stone" said...

Yes, it is a sad time in America when Aerosmith can convince people who is the better vote. Sad sad sad. As far as Michael Moore is concerned, there is I would say in fairness, too much backlash against him right now from all sides. He is a fat, loudmouth blowhard. BUT, there aren't as many lies in his film as the right would want you to believe, always remember that everyone has their own agenda. Farenhype 911 also features interviews with Ann Coulter who said once we should go over there and kill all the enemies and turn the rest into christians. She is no source for information, unless you consider namecalling and fiction information.
Even smart people, yourself, me, whoever, should listen only to their hearts and never slutty-looking columnists and/or rock bands. Or Michael Moore.

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.

The post to which you are referring was written when I was angry at people who seemed personally offended at my enjoyment of Moore's film and their pressing need for me to watch the "rebuttal" to said film. I was feeling attacked for simply having an opinion that differed from theirs. So, I expressed it on my blog.

True, I quoted Michael Moore's own site to "verify" the information in the movie. I can see how that looks shady. Perhaps I should have re-worded that to say that at least he quoted his sources (PBS, CBS News, etc).

My vote is not influenced by celebrities. Reasons why I support my candidate are based upon the information I read about him or her, the impression I get from observing them (in debates, rallies, etc) and of course, my father's sage advice is always taken into account. *smile*

Personally, I could care less what people's reasons are for voting. Most important is the act of voting. It shows people taking an interest in their country and exercising the freedom they are blessed to have.

Thanks again for you visit and your input.

Mr. Grim said...

Points for Jennifer.
Very professional.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Mr. Grim:

Once again you are correct. I was also struck by the courteous manner in which Jennifer responded to my mention of her in my post. I was on my way to tell her that when I saw your post expressing my feelings exactly. I have since expressed those feelings in a comment to her as well.

jon said...

nice blog, nice ideas as well. :)

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