Friday, October 15, 2004

Let's Stop Pretending it Matters!

Enough already! I am so tired of people using their pat lists of grievances to explain their support for one candidate or another. You know what I mean, you can't go anywhere without someone telling you that Bush has to go because:

*He lied about WMDs
*He wanted to get revenge for his father
*It's all about the oil
*It's all about Haliburton
*He skipped out on National Guard Duty
*Etc., etc., etc.

And if it is not about Bush, it's about Kerry and his supposed faults:

*Threw away his(?) medals
*Bogus purple hearts
*Wife donates to the commies
*"I have no SUV--oh, that's my family's"
*Flip Flopper
*Etc., etc., etc.

I just wish the people who mimic these campaign ads day after day would stop and be honest. They have no intention of voting for the opponent whether he did anything wrong or not. Michael Moore is not a supporter of Bush with or without the information he put in his movie; Rush Limbaugh is not a fan of Kerry whether he lied about Vietnam or not. So why bring it up!

I mean, if you could magically prove beyond any doubt that all the charges against Bush and Kerry were wrong, the people who gleefully parrot them would still not vote for the guy. I think they have to make this stuff up because they know no other way to justify their political choices.

The next time that someone starts bashing a candidate based on any of this type of balony, I am going to ask them, "If I could convince you that his faults are purely a tool of his opponents to defeat him and nothing more, would you vote for him?"

We all know what the answer to that question would be. People have their minds made up and somehow need to paint the opponent as the bogeyman to justify their vote.

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