Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad education memories

I was reminded today of a very unpleasant experience that I had to endure in order to change careers and become a teacher: the state-required brainwashing otherwise known as a credential program.

The vast majority of a teacher's training in California is pure B.S. that in no way prepares one for the real world of the classroom teacher, but I digress. What really got my dander up today was a co-worker's recollection of one particular professor.

I am going to tell you her name because the rot she preaches simply can't go unpublicized: Dr. Mary Salisbury at Cal State Stanislaus. This lady is so left wing that my left wing friends were stunned at her comments.

Ms. Salisbury had some interesting things to say in order to prepare us as educators. My co-worker recalled how much of her required training consisted of telling the class how the U.S. deserved 9/11.

And I guess that while she ranted about the big bad evil U.S., she practically worshiped at the feet of a Middle Eastern student in the class who was also very vocal that we had it coming to us.

By the time I had to take the class, she had moved on from the subject of 9/11, but the America bashing continued. I mostly remember how she talked incessently about her recent trip to Uganda and condoms--that's right, Uganda and condoms.

I remember the overall message went something like this: "Uganda good, U.S. bad; condoms good, U.S. bad." It was pretty heady stuff, as you can see.

Oh, how I wish I had the time to go back and take another class from her now that I don't need her approval to get my credential. It would be so much fun to say all the things that I couldn't say then for fear of retribution.

I did actually disagree a lot compared to other classes where I kept my mouth shut and toed the company line.

I remember her going off on evil corporations--again, what this has to do with teaching 8th graders I will never know--who operate "sweat shops" in third world countries.

She never had any answer for me when I pointed out that the people in those countries are ecstatic about those jobs and communities actually lobby to have the opportunity to host such shops. (Logic is not a required subject in the credential program.)

Oh, how I wish I had a blog back then. You wouldn't believe the stuff they try to pass off as education these days.


jon said...

have you had the pleasure of reading Alan Blooms "Closing of the American Mind"? I am certain that you, an educator, would find it a fantastic read. It's one of the best books that I've ever read, along with the viewpoint of another educator who had published the results of some rather interesting research entitled, "The Flickering Mind". All about how student's minds were the byproduct of the video/video game addiction, and how in school they were producing glitzy powerpoint presentations with media about the original colonies(as an example), but couldn't remember any of the pertinent facts about them, nor could they write a one page essay on the subject. It was quite fascinating. But Alan Bloom's book literally changed my life.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

I will definitely put those two on my summer reading list (Vacation: one of the best parts of teaching). I have certainly heard of Bloom's book (from the 1980s, right?) and will check out the other. More good stuff critical of our educational system is written by John Taylor Gatto. Thanks for stopping by again!

Pri said...

Lol, I love your style of writing. Have I already said that? Ah well..

jon said...

Ok... I came back to see your blog and I noticed two posts missing. What did you do? =/

Ugly Naked Guy said...


I don't know what you are missing. I'll take a look around the place and see what I can or can't find. :) I didn't make any changes other than new posts.