Saturday, March 24, 2007

Diversity: gotta love it

So my local school district is looking to hire a new superintendent and the local paper has an the rundown on the fantastic possibilities that await as the interview process begins.

I read the article anxiously to see what marvelous qualities they must possess. Maybe they have experienced success turning around under-performing districts; maybe they have some innovative ideas to boost student achievement; maybe they are financial wizards with plans to better allocate taxpayer money.

Maybe not.

It turns out that the main thing the newspaper seemed to be touting was that half of the candidates "represent minority ethnic groups" and "one woman was chosen."

How exciting.

No mention of accomplishments, no trumpeting of their superior abilities, no glowing testimonials of effective leadership.

Imagine if your favorite sports team operated on such a silly system (fake quote coming):

"The Yankees announced today that they are looking for the pieces to build their next championship team. Owner George Steinbrenner has ordered GM Brian Cashman to pull out all the stops to find a Pacific Islander and perhaps a Norwegian or two in order to improve team chemistry."

We live in a crazy, crazy world.


Sripriya said...

Lol, I like your style of writing. Funny yet powerful :D

Opal said...

That's pretty sad you would think they would focus on their qualifications instead of getting hung up with their race/gender. I would hope that people would focus on what my qualifications not that I just happen to be a black woman.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Yeah, like I said, we live in a crazy world. If more people cared about what works instead of what makes them feel better, eventually we would get both.