Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global Warming: Who you gonna call?

Kudo's to Laura's Miscellaneous Musings and guest blogger Gategirl for pointing out a new hysterical over-reaction to the completely natural and cyclical changes in worldwide climate, otherwise known as Y2K, er, Global Warming.

It turns out that a new bill is being introduced requiring the CIA and the Pentagon to assess national security issues that will elevate Global Warming to a national defense issue.

The Washington Post reports: "The measure also would order the Pentagon to undertake a series of war games to determine how global climate change could affect US security, including 'direct physical threats to the United States posed by extreme weather events such as hurricanes."'

That's right, folks: they want the military to be ready to fight the weather. And you thought finding Osama Bin Laden was tough.

There is no word yet on the type of weaponry that might be required in such a battle, but I would like to suggest we look into the "unliscensed nuclear accelerators" that Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray used in Ghostbusters.

As I recall, the Ghostbusters had a whole arsenal of weapons that were effective against make-believe menaces.

Let's see, there was an ectoplasmic trap which might prove useful for sucking hurricanes right out of the sky (or hot air from a room full of politicians), and the proton pack, which took pretty good care of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Hey, if the proton pack works on giant product spokes-cartoons, maybe we can make Global Warming take a hike just by using the weapon on Al Gore, AKA, The Pillsbury Doughboy!


Irene said...

Found your blog through Laura's blog. I have enjoyed catching up on some of the things you have written. As someone else stated,I love your style of writing.

Regarding this post, I agree her daughter did a great job on that post and your comments on Ghostbusters are just too funny. This whole global warming thing is just mind boggling, and also mind numbing :)

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by Irene. Global Warming is just too fun to mock. I just hope we are all still around when the hoax is exposed so we can write the big I-told-you-so post.

Irene said...

I tried to reply to your email but I got a delivery failure notice. Here is what I said:

Thanks for the nice comments about my blog. As you can see, I don't
post all that much. Life sort of gets in the way of doing that.

Wow. Small world. My husband started attending Bethany before I did. Our previous church was in Westminster and he wanted something closer to our house so went visiting and really liked Bethany. I had commitments at the other church and once those were completed I moved over in September. I am in the hand bell choir and I got involved as an extra in Christmas Joy. I am planning to try out for a speaking part this year. Thanks for letting me know the link doesn't work. I'll go in and try to fix it.