Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sharpton Calls for Santa Claus' Firing!

Maybe in his ignoble departure Don Imus will have finally accomplished something worthwhile.

If his firing means that all media will now be scrubbed clean of the filthy, rude, and vulgar, then he will have died a hero. A brave warrior fallen on his microphone. A sacrifice to give us all a better life.

Riiiiight...and Sanjaya will get voted off American Idol before the bald guy.

Unless the father, son, and holy spirit of political correctness--the mainstream media, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton--put their clout behind getting folks fired for flouting foul and faulty speech, it just ain't gonna happen.

Not that there aren't plenty of people who need their mouths washed out with soap.

Just google lyrics and ho and you will get an eyeful of the earful our youth are getting.

On my first try I got hits with those who are doing the most ho, ho, ho-ing (among other things): Ludacris, Trick Daddy, Kurupt, Nappy Roots, Poison Clan, and, finally, Don Ho (psych).

Since it is obviously not difficult to find offensive speech in the public sphere, it is mysterious as to why Al Sharpton and friends haven't taken care of this "ho"rrible problem already, since these artists all get airplay on the same channel as Sharpton's own radio program! Shocking!

A cynical person would think that Al Sharpton has some other agenda. But that's just really cynical people. I don't know anybody like that.

Blast from the past: Read my old post about the Bay Area sports radio personality who got the Imus Treatment before it became all the rage.


Opal said...

They definitely have another agenda.
Imus was a scapegoat. A cartoonist sketched a picture of Condoleeeza Rice. She was portrayed as Mambo (If I remember correctly") no outrage from the race hustlers. Then again that was ok Condi, although black, is Republican and the Journalist (although white) is liberal. In their minds (I imagine) party trumps race any day of the week.

For the past few months I've been thinking about creating a post that talks about the hypocrisy with these so called black leaders. There are plenty of examples when they kept their mouth shut about some blacks & ignored the insensitive comments by prominent members within their own party.
I've always thought they made their money by trying to keep the blacks dumb and stupid.
Black Rednecks, White Liberals by Thomas Sowell is an excellent book. I have a book about Jesse Jackson's hypocrisy but I need to dig it up to remember what it's called.

Ugly Naked Guy said...


Maybe you could create an entire blog, not just one post, that "outs" the hypocrits with a daily barrage that exposes them. And so that it is not just you doing all the work, you could make it a collaborative effort where a number of black bloggers band together. We could all brainstorm for a catchy name for the blog and if we get the word out, you might just have something that catches America's attention.

I love Thomas Sowell's columns and occasional radio guest spots. I have not read that book, but I think I'll look into it. I think the book on Jackson that you are talking about contains the word Shakedown in the title.

Opal said...

I meant Aunt Jemima. Why in the world did I type "Mambo". lol :-)
*Sighs* that's what happens when I write and watch my daughter at the same time. ;-)

Opal said...

I've thought about doing that but quite a few doing that already. I'll name a few below
Hip Hop Republican


Booker Rising

Uncle Sam's Cabin

I've thought about having a section dedicated to "Black Bloggers" but then I don't like separating my race from any others. Then again that's kind of hypocritical since my website is Raw Vegan Momma :-)
I've been itching to write about my views in regards to politics for quite some time but I've held off. I'm very active on the local level and really tired of seeing "our leaders" constantly in the spotlight.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Fire Santa Clause?!?!?! But who will bring me booty in December?!?!?!