Friday, June 08, 2007

Indoctrination, Hollywood style

I just witnessed the most obvious attempt at brainwashing I have ever seen out of Hollywood.

In tonight's episode of "Law and Order", the anti-American bias was none too subtle; it was heavy-handed, stunning in its obscenity, sickening in its hatred of America.

Did I mention that its portrayals were wildly inaccurate too? As I count the ways, I will tell you what they showed, and why it is so ridiculous:

1. An angry band of Orthodox Jews are attacking an illegal alien with a chain saw as revenge "for taking our jobs" and for accidentally running over a Jewish mother with a baby in a stroller.

Hollywood can make up some pretty unbelievable stuff, huh? Jews who are upset that Mexicans are taking their jobs? Yeah, I hear that a lot of illegals are becoming bankers and lawyers? I know, I know, that's a stereotype, but a heck of a lot more plausible than what the show suggested.

2. When detectives approach the Mexican day laborers for questioning, they all run because they are illegal and don't want to be caught standing on a street corner looking for work.

Mexicans running away because they are worried about being illegal? I wish. They make it like the police actually care that they're illegal. Most departments aren't even allowed to ask a person about his immigration status. Sheesh.

3. When a Muslim woman is found murdered and "4 9/11" is scrawled in blood near her body, the detectives remark, "Fourth hate crime against Muslims this month." The Muslim family of the murdered girl used to have a nice restaurant, "but after 9/11 nobody came anymore" and they had to shut the door. Now they are poor and destitute.

Maybe, maybe there were some attacks against Muslims in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, but years later? This is pure fiction, of course, but fiction that NBC wants us to think is true because in their twisted world, it is Americans who are dangerous aggressors in an otherwise peaceful world.

Well, I promise you there was more, I just need to wrap this up. The entire show was so utterly slanted that I wonder whether it was meant as a farce, but that is giving Hollywood way too much credit.


Jennie said...

I guess that's why we have FOX, which counter-balances by doing the exact opposite. They've toned down their anti-terrorist sentiments on the popular show, "24", but it's a bit hard to tone it down when the whole show is based on threatening immigrants and diguised terrorists.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

I have never seen "24", and I don't mean to be arguementative towards my guest (thanks for the vist), but how could it be wrong to be anti-terrorist?

Anonymous said...

Re: Good tippers. They're in there. Click the tag "money" and you'll hear some stories. Two other things. One, psychologically speaking, it takes five positive interactions to nullify a negative one according to differences in how the brain processes different kinds of stress. Two, I didn't make a "good tipper" tag because, hell, it's all about the money either way. Shitty tippers just made an okay concept at the time.

YouCanCallMe...T said...

"Mexicans running away because they are worried about being illegal? I wish."

Sometimes you read a line someone's written that just makes you laugh. I got a kick out of this one.

Here's a link to a news article: Deep Divisions Derail Immigration Bill

The paragraph that struck me was this:

"The issue pitted social conservatives, who insisted that illegal immigrants not be granted "amnesty" for entering the country unlawfully, against business groups hungry for willing workers in hotels, restaurants, construction sites and other comparatively low-wage, low-skilled workplaces."

Pretty much nails it on the head. Small business owners and contractors are salivating at the thought of cheaper labor, regardless of whether or not it undercuts American jobs.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Thanks for the link and the visit. I am afraid that opponents of the immigration bill better not blink or it will get passed. I have never seen so much disconnect between the public and Washington.


I haven't gottten over there to read about the good tipping stories yet, but I will.