Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unbelievable Story (Really)

I thought we were toast.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that my family and I were deeply immersed in a presentation of Oklahoma! for the local theater my wife founded.

We were almost immersed in deep doo-doo too, when a speaker got knocked over and semi-fell on some people in the front row.

I got a call today from a lady who said she was sitting there when it fell. You tell me how much it sounded like we were about to be sued like there was no tomorrow:

*Two days after the show she calls and says that her 11-year-old sister was hit by the speaker stand and had her arm bruised.

*She wants to know who is ultimately responsible and was especially interested in finding out if the city was liable.

*She mentions a lawsuit for the bumps and bruises, but says they aren't the suing type of people.

*She says that all of that might be overlooked "because accidents happen", but the speaker smacked her hand and knocked her diamond out of her engagement ring. It had great sentimental value.

*By her email address I can see that she works for a local personal injury attorney.

*She seemed to have three different names.

After spending two hours finding out as much as I could about this woman and getting my ducks in a row, my wife and I decided to go down to the theater to look for the diamond. Mind you, we didn't think there really was a diamond in the first place, but we had nothing else we could do.

Now you all have no idea the turbulence our little theater has been through, but suffice it to say, times have been rough. This show is a huge triumph for us at a time were it is sorely needed.

When I first told my wife that I got the call, she immediately began to pray and called others to pray that the little theater that could could weather this storm.

One of the cast members was at our house and we asked her to pray as we set off to look for a diamond. My wife specifically prayed on the drive over that we would walk right in and find the diamond and that it would prove to be an encouraging testimony to the that cast member who is a new Christian.

Here is how it went when we got to the theater:

We get let in by the owner of the restaurant in the front of the building who was just leaving for the afternoon. I disarm the alarm and we walk through the kitchen to enter the theater.

My wife sees that the carpet runners we have covering wires near the front row still have lots of straw on them and it appears that we didn't do a thourough job sweeping because of those runners.

She puts her purse down on the chair next to the speaker that fell, looks down at seat next to that, points to the seat and says, "Dear, what is that?"

I step closer and look down to see a DIAMOND right there on the seat! It was a tiny diamond that I can't imagine could have been seen if it were on the floor.

We were screaming and yelling like you couldn't believe! What a miracle!

I called the lady and she was just stunned. As of this writing we are going to make arrangements to get her ring repaired and returned to her!

God is good!


maurizio said...

This story is upsetting me.
I'm glad it ended well, but I'm so worried for you Americans that live in fear for that kind of stuff. Terrorists are less dangerous because they are less than Americans; but if any American citizen can sue you for every stupid thing, that's sad.

You should put a sign at the entrance that says something like "enter at your own risk" etc..

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Upsetting to you? You could have cut the feeling of dread we had with a knife. Yes, anyone can sue for every stupid thing and it doesn't even have to be true--you still end up paying the bucks to defend yourself. Of course common sense would be that the person who brings the lawsuit would have to pay if they lost, but lawyers won't let that happen. What wonderful place do you live where this isn't a problem?

maurizio said...

We are over-insured for a lot of stuff so even basic stuff are covered by insurance.
In your case I think her insurance should have paid.
Anyway apart for insurances, people here are more friendly and don't try to screw someone else's life.
Do not even think about suing big companies here because you'll almost surely lose. We both live in strange countries, but yours is more strange. :-)

jon said...

I'm happy for you buddy. It truly is a blessing indeed. Providence astonishes me. :)

Laura said...

Wow, what a story!! :) :)


Incognito said...

What a lovely story.. just shows God is in control of everything.

I was actually happy to hear that she wasn't lying about the diamond.

Maurizio.. many people in the U.S. aren't even covered by health insurance.. many don't have car insurance.. most people do not have personal property insurance. so it wouldn't have been covered.

Yikes. Glad the show went well!

Anonymous said...

I thought that she was sent in by John Edwards for a minute....

jon said...

sooooo... where are you?

jon said...

Ahem... we're missing your input and writing. Hope you are well!

Irene said...

I've been wondering where you are also. I check your blog daily for something new. Perhaps you are busy with school starting up?

Sharon said...

Ugly Naked Guy, wow, that's some story. And I just love ones that have good endings. This just proves that not everybody is out there to get what they can get and that bad things also happen to good people. I am so glad you found her diamond~

Laura said...

Hey there, how are you? :) You've been "quiet" quite a while. Busy with school?