Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm a Madman!

I dare you to find someone more obsessive about email than I am.

I treat my inbox like a man with a mallet trying to knock down the furry moles in the arcade game, whack-a-mole.

As soon a new email sticks its head up, it is my goal to deal with it: either delete it, file it in a folder, or respond to it.

I am so nuts that I almost feel physically ill if I open Outlook and see a long line of new messages. The worst is when I can't decide what to do with one of them and I opt to keep it right there to taunt me.

It's with those things in mind that I sympathize with people and companies looking to get a handle on email gone wild. Fast Company had an article in the current issue about how various companies are "whacking the moles" that chew into their productivity.

They say that the average corporate email account receives 18 MB of stuff daily, and that number is expected to grow to 28 MB a day by 2011.

Capital One deals with that crushing tsunami by putting employees through an email management workshop, and it estimates that it saves 11 workdays a year. Some of the keys to their training is teaching employees to write more specific subject lines, using bullet points, underlining, and bolding.

Union Bank tames its email moles by using RSS feeds so that all of its 10,000 employees don't get every email. A new system (called KnowNow) will send RSS feeds based on job description and location.

Finally, Rueters uses a hybrid system of email and instant messages to keep the inboxes from overflowing.

Anybody out there have any personal strategies that work for you? Personally, I will just keep my handy mole-smashing mallet of a delete key at the ready for Option Number One.


Internet Safety Queen said...


Is this a wager???

I honestly believe my laptop is now a part of my body(Which part is another story!)

Every waking moment is spent online, and then I dream about it as well(not kidding)....

And, since I work with 500 children every week in a computer lab AND am part of the technology team, well, I think I "win". (Hmm, Do I win, or would I loose?)


Guess what?

I am handing you a little prize, a present, an award. You are quite deserving, my online friend...

(Head over to my site, click on Tags-n-Memes, for further!!)



Ugly Naked Guy said...

OK, jacer, I will head over their when I get a chance. Now, you said that your laptop is attached to you and you dream about it (are your married and does you spouse know?), but you didn't say that you were incredibly anal about dealing with email.

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

I receive a lot of email daily. Some of it goes in my inbox, and others are directed to various folders that sit within my inbox.

I created "rules" for my inbox so that helps me out a lot. I have a folder for everything so once an item has read if it's important it's moved to the applicable folder.

I try to check and respond to my email every day; otherwise, it will pile up. I returned from vacation to find around 380 emails sitting in my inbox most of them were from my blogs, no spam.

Tomorrow I should be finished responding to everyone that asked questions.

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Opal, you are soo popular! You sound like a very disciplined person. I am like that at work, but at home I get distracted.