Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Proof

Remember this day if you ever hear me say that I am cheap and you are tempted to think I am just exaggerating.

Today I needed new plugs and switches for the hall that has been newly painted. I had already gotten the covers, but forgot that if you were changing from ivory to white, you have got to change both.

So I went back to Home Depot to get the white switches to match the white covers. I thought each plug or switch would be a couple bucks, four, tops, for some of the fancy ones.

While I could get a regular on/off switch for about $1.50, I found out that I needed two four-way switches and those were $11.28 a piece. No matter how long I stood in front of the shelf looking for an alternative, they were still $11.28.

No way I was going to pay that so that the little toggle thingy would be white; I mean, there had to be barely more than an inch of surface area that was white!

My son had come with me to see if they made special paint for plastic. Even though I had worked for Home Depot 13 years, I didn't recall that we had one solely for that purpose, but we did, in a spray can.

I decided that I was going to pay $4.77 for a can of white paint and paint all of the switches I already had.

Guess what? It looks fantastic and I saved about 25 bucks!

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